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Is it important that your organisation be better understood and perceived?

Is your reputation as good as it could be – or even as good as it needs to be?

Do people talk well about your products, services, staff and community involvement?

Why should people work for you or do business with you?

Do you need to reach or win the support of particular people and groups?

Do you need to develop and make strong arguments for your plans or win participation in your programme?

Are you submitting planning applications that will be of interest to the public?

Do you need to find partners who will work with you in Wales?

Do you have important business objectives which could benefit from or be vulnerable to political or public opinion, regulation or legal processes?

Do you understand the importance and opportunities offered by appropriate use of the Welsh language and communicating within Welsh language networks?

Want to play a more prominent public role?

Want to know who to speak to and which doors to knock?

Want to know what’s going on in the Assembly or in Wales?

Civitas Cymru - Public Affairs & Strategic Communications

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