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The future success of any organisation depends on its reputation. If you have plans to develop, they will be directly affected by the opinion of you held by your clients, customers and the wider community, including government.

No matter how hard you work, your success will at some time depend on how well you are known, believed and trusted – whether seeking to recruit, obtain grant aid, policy changes, financial market or public approval. Reputation cannot be bought by advertising but it can be won by taking the right actions and by effective planned communications.

Advice from Civitas Cymru, as a respected and authoritative source of independent expertise, will enable you to work more strategically and effectively towards achieving your business objectives. It will also strengthen your planning process and enable you to win the case internally within your organisation for developing and implementing a distinctive approach in Wales. Our advice is always discreet and will be tailored according to your resources, business planning and organisational culture. From campaigns to single press releases and photocalls; we can either help you commission and appoint other agencies to do the work or provide these services for you through our collaboration with leading Welsh PR agency, Working Word PR.

PR Services:

Civitas Cymru offers a seamless and integrated range of PR implementation services, in association with Working Word PR:

Civitas Cymru collaborator Working Word Public Relations Limited delivers comprehensive and targeted communications programmes for Wales and UK clients across a wide range of sectors. The Working Word team comprises highly experienced practitioners whose backgrounds encompass journalism, marketing, specialist public relations and internet media.

The team has particular strengths in the delivery of programmes relating to economic development, education and training, strategic management issues, urban development, environmental best practice and manufacturing industry, including hi-tech sectors. Services also include event management, crisis management, strategic media advice, generation of web content and project management.

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