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All commercial or sectoral interest bodies of significance should undertake a programme of corporate responsibility (CR - sometimes called ‘corporate social responsibility’) and inform shareholders, stake holders and the public about it. More importantly, staff should be involved and engaged from the outset.

CR is how you – or your organisation -- makes a positive contribution to society, locally and further a field. Your business activity, of itself, may be highly beneficial or even essential to society - but you still need to demonstrate that your corporate values are focused on the positive role your organisation and its staff can play.

This process should reach out to all those in contact with your organisation – from the community where you recruit and work, to your customers and clients, suppliers and stake holders. Aspects which affect the quality of your contribution and your reputation include your environmental policy, concern for the needs of the community, investment in education and lifelong learning, as well as such essential aspects as equality, health and safety, etc.

In Wales, planned use of the Welsh language has been shown to be an effective strategy in winning customer affinity and loyalty, for all kinds of business, from tea bags to tourism, and under the Welsh Language Act, a bilingual policy is essential for any public body or supplier of services to the public sector in Wales.

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