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NEXT MEETING: 17.45 for 18.00, October 13th (TBC), 2009, Room 22 (groundfloor public area), Ty Hywel, National Assembly, Cardiff Bay

LAST MEETING: May 19 '09: presentations from Sustrans (National Cycle Network), British Waterways (Media Handling for the M&b breach and on development funding and strategy for the M&B); also News on BW consultation on possible major re-shaping towards third sector status.
Transactions not yet posted.

For Minutes and Transactions of previous meetings, email your request to:

Terms of Reference

The Assembly Cross Party Group on Waterways (ACPGW) was initiated by Brian Hancock, AM for Islwyn in the First Assembly, and was well supported from the outset. Val Lloyd AM is the current Chair.

ACPGW meetings are generally held early evening (5.45 for 6.00 pm until about 7.30 pm) at the National Assembly in Cardiff Bay. Two or three expert speakers are invited to make presentations and answer questions; organisations with an interest in the Group are also invited to make brief news announcements, by prior arrangement. Typical topics (see below) are not just of interest to canal enthusiasts - they range across relevant issues such as tourism, accessing European Funding, widening access to the countryside, the work of the voluntary sector, sustainable development etc. and attract a varied audience of public, commercial and voluntary sector attendees.

Meetings are held about once a quarter, generally on the second Tuesday of the month concerned. Those attending find it very convivial, informative and both AM's and public guests value the opportunity to exchange information.

Since the change in pattern of Assembly business, most Cross Party Group meetings are held on Tuesday evenings, making it very difficult not to clash and reducing the number of AM's who can be present and the time they can spend at meetings; the ACPGW remains one of the most actively supported of APGs.

Minutes for previous open meetings can be downloaded from the Transactions page (see below for full list of topics covered and link to Transactions page). To sign up for notice of meetings, agendas and minutes (no charge) please contact the Secretariat, by e-mail (see below). 

Assembly CPGs are not official Assembly bodies and although recognised by Standing Orders, they are not endorsed bodies and have to pay their own way.The ACPGW has no set lifespan but in line with Assembly Standing Orders, the Group was re-constituted at the onset of the Second and Third Assemblies and comprises a Chair and Vice-Chairs, i.e. representing their parties; only the AM's are legitimately members of the Group, all others are guests. There is no constitution at present; common sense and standard committee procedure is used.

Visitors to the Assembly may need to allow time for security clearance. There is Pay&Display parking nearby in Pierhead Street a multi-story car park adjacent and another in Stuart Street, about ten minutes stroll away. There are regular bus services (e.g. Bay Express) stopping just outside Ty Hywel where meetings are usually held. A train service runs to the bottom of Bute Street (best to enquire about service and times) and taxis can be picked up from ranks outside Cardiff Central Station and the city centre with ease. 

The Secretariat of the Cross Party Group and hospitality at the meetings are supported by British Waterways and other interested organisations; no membership fee is raised. The Secretariat reports to the Chair of the ACPGW.

The development of the ACPGW has coincided with the re-organisation of British Waterways to reflect the devolved status of Wales, creating a new Wales and Border Counties management unit. The support of the ACPGW was also influential in launching a consultation exercise, "Waterways for Wales" and the adoption by Andrew Davies AM, Minister for Economic Development, of a proposal to host a Working Group on waterways (both natural and man-made) drawn from the recommendations in the report on the Consultation, titled "Waterways for Wales - The Way Forward". Both the consultation document and the report (researched and written by Civitas Cymru) can can be found on: 


Assembly Cross Party Group on Waterways: Transactions (awaiting updates)

APGW#01: main topics: "Issues of Sustainable Development for the National Assembly", International Success for Wales: Waterways Interreg Projects"; News items
APGW#02: How to profit from Waterways Tourism; Waterways and the development of Welsh tourism; Waterways tourism - making it happen"; News items
APGW#03: Launch of consultation - 2Waterways for Wales"; News items
APGW#04: Meeting of AM's re formalising remit; News items
APGW#05: Environment Agency - navigations; Inland Waterways Amenities Advisory Council - remit; The Waterfront Museum, Swansea; News items
APGW#06: Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments; HERIAN - the heritage in action initiative; News items
APGW#07: Andrew Davies announces consultation findings; Interreg IIIB award announced; presentations on Interreg (the Scheme, Torfaen, International partner, the Netherlands); News
APGW#08: Cardiff Harbour Authority; Newport Unlimited Urban regeneration company; Swansea Canal Society; News items
APGW#09: IWA Chair (Gerallt Hughes); EA (Wye Navigation); WTB (Catching the Wave): News
APGW#10: FEb08_2005: CCW (Remit and W/w Biodiversity); BW (Monty Conservation Strategy); Innovate (EQUAL); News items
APGW#11: May10_2005: MBACT Canal Soc.; Welsh Canoe Assoc; Waterscape.com & Watersports Wales; News items
APGW#12: Trevor Basin (BW); Pontcysyllte & WHS; Crumlin Arm Study; News items
APGW#13: Monty Strategy Launch (BW)with Minister;  IWA Award; Shropshire Union on Newhouse Lock; Liverpool Link; News items
APGW#14: 'Better Place to Play'; Neath Canal Restoration, Beacon Park Boats; News
APGW#15: International Whitewater Centre for Cardiff; Wye & Usk Foundation; Langollen Basin - Economic Impact case study; News items
APGW#16: Winsome pedal boat; Torfaen CBC and Living Landmarks Bid; Blue Green Initiative
APGW#17: Sustrans - Valleys Cycle Network: Gwent Wildlife Trust and wetland biodiversity; Telford - 200 years of engineering genius: News items
APGW#18: Increasing access: EQUAL project: waterways access audit; launch of guidelines; launch of video; [Senedd exhibition, with EQUAL partners]; Mon& Brecon Canal Breach; Living Landmarks bid; News items
APGW#19: Wales Waterways Economic Impact Study; HERIAN update; Powys Tourism Project; Mon&Brec Restoration Plan; News items
ACPGW#20: Water Related Recreation Strategy: Minister + Environment Agency Wales; News
ACPGW#21: Pontcysyllte WHS Bid; Inland Waterways Adisory Council; Waterways for Tomorrow interdepartmental review; Biodiversity on Waterways; News items

All enquiries about the Assemblky Cross Party Group on Waterways should be addressed to the Secretariat; Marc Evans, d/o Civitas Cymru, 11 Syr David's Avenue, Cardiff CF5 1GH
Telephone: (029) 2021 3629
E-mail: acpgw[INSERT@]civitascymru.co.uk

Languages and Access:
Cynhelir y cyfarfodydd trwy gyfrwng y Saesneg (hyd yn hyn). Serch hynny, croesewir gohebiaeth ac ymholiadau trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg a chyhoeddir yr Agenda yn Saesneg a Chymraeg.

Although meetings are held in English, Agendas are published in bilingual format, and contact and correspondence in Welsh is welcome.

The Assembly building (Ty Hywel), Cardiff Bay, venue for  most meetings, has lift access to the meeting rooms on the first floor and meetings are also held in the ground floor. Guests usually have to be badged and cleared by security and accompanied within the Assembly building when we meet on the first floor.

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