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‘Public Affairs’ is about dealing with issues which affect your business, or corporate objectives which are subject to the actions, decisions and opinions of others.

Public Affairs programmes are usually focused on an issue or set of issues, or strategic civic relationships. It may have as its goal arguing favourably for a government decision or the better formulation of policy which will affect your field of business, but more diffusely it can set out to create better or more productive relationships with the key bodies whose interests are relevant to your organisation, and with public interest groups.

Our services are highly valued by major UK public and voluntary bodies and by UK commercial sector organisations, as well as our clients in Wales. Our monitoring, research and analysis can range from Welsh, UK and European government arenas to local government and the market place or the community where you work and operate. We are skilled at planning and coordinating public consultations or smaller  opinion group dialogue. We have planned concentrated programmes of meetings for key clients, in preparation or in consequence of major operational or organisational changes, public service tender consultations, etc. We have experience of setting up and programming successful Assembly All Party Groups.

While Public Relations generally attempts to reach defined target audiences en masse with orchestrated messages, or reach significant numbers in aggregate, Public Affairs focuses more intently on selected targets, sometimes using PR as part of the process in creating a climate of opinion. PR is generally a one way process, whereas Public Affairs should be a dialogue or at least a process which takes into account the mutable standpoints and opinions of others. We also believe that ethically based actions, such as social responsibility programmes can be a productive route to better community, civic and government relations.

You may be seeking a decision, such as planning permission, or the support and endorsement of key public figures or community leaders for your plans. You may want to make a more substantial contribution to public or community life or make a useful contribution to a government consultation at local or national level. You may have a new organisation or initiative to launch in Wales. You may get the opportunity to give evidence to an Assembly or Parliamentary Committee or just need to form better working relations with partner organisations across Wales. It may be that all you need is to be better informed - where do you go to discover more, who should you meet next?

Our approach to Public Affairs is to understand your business and organisation in its context in Wales, and apply our leading expertise to enable you to take the best courses of action and make your strongest case in the right fora. Our research and advice goes far beyond monitoring – we add value to what you do now and what you can achieve in the future.

Since the advent of the Assembly in Wales, with its growing powers, increasingly distinctive policies and widening remit, it is essential to know and understand the policy and organisational developments which may affect your operating or market conditions, your remit or your future opportunities.

(See here for more on our Reputation PR and Corporate Responsibility services).

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