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The role of expert public affairs is to enable you to make your best case. We advise you who are the most appropriate people to meet and we help you prepare for meetings with expert advice on the relevant political or policy context. Access to officials and politicians is not a mysterious process based on privilege and it is not our role to intervene on your behalf - we'd rather encourage and assist you to engage fully in the democratic process, in all its aspects. It may well be, as many of our clients have found, that there are many different partners and organisations in Wales who would be pleased to meet you and work with you.

We regularly advise clients from different sectors on making their case, briefing or seeking briefings, or on developing alliances and partnerships Prioritised meetings are proposed, arranged and minuted. We can advise on next steps and how best to make the most of opportunities created. Recent meetings arranged have addressed issues in healh and economic development, and creating new strategic and project partnerships.

We adhere to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Code of Conduct (which requires ethical regard to the public good, transparent dealing and proper conduct in treating confidential information).

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