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Undertaking the the public consultation on ‘Waterways for Wales’ for British Waterways

Writing the Summary of Responses to the 'Waterways for Wales' consultation (Adobe Reader needed to open this file)

Writing the report on the consultation's conclusions: '
Waterways for Wales - The Way Forward'
  (Adobe Reader needed to open this file)

The successful launch of two Assembly Cross Party Groups (ACPG Cancer, ACPG Waterways)

Secretariat for the National Assembly All Party Group on Waterways

Media strategy leading to all Wales and global media coverage for the debut of international visual arts competition the Artes Mundi Prize. You can see more of the media work undertaken by registering for the Artes Mundi Prize Media Zone.

Welsh affairs advice for UK manufacturing industry body ABPI

Welsh Media and Assembly monitoring for a major UK investment project in Wales

Contributed to the successful outcome of a protracted National Assembly Planning Inquiry

Assisted with making the case for a significant government decision to provide funding for a Welsh research programme

Advice that lead to a UK plc in Wales being invited to take a lead sectoral and civic role.

Intensive sequence of strategic meetings, in preparation for a bid for the Wales & Borders Rail Franchise

Preparation for Parliamentary scrutiny of a UK broadband provider

Networking advice for a new UK charity rapidly establishing Welsh prominence

The relocation of a HQ office for a high street bank in Wales

Successfully launched the first translation of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, 'Thief of Time' published in Welsh as 'Lleidr Amser'.

Winning international coverage for Wales with a specially created website and commissioning one of the three most successful international Video News Releases during the 1998 European Council.

Devising the WTB’s Rugby World Cup tourism awareness PR strategy.

Handling the Sea Empress Oil Spillage reassurance campaign

Achieving more than 300% growth in UK/overseas coverage in 3 years for the Wales Tourist Board

Sponsored TV series devised for Health Promotion Wales

‘In Media Res’ - a seminal report on creating an infrastructure for the development of Welsh film & tv culture - for the then Wales Arts Council

Launching BAFTA Cymru, the Wales branch of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts

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